The Socials



22nd Nov  2021 

18th May 2021


Since starting out on this journey a number of years ago, we have met some really awesome people. The biggest influence of all has been a bloke called Mick, who reached out to us with a helping hand after we released the first edition of book 1. We are better writers because of his patience, feedback, and attention to detail.

Massive thanks go to Jason for all our fantastic covers, helping bring out visions to life, and to Amanda for help with formatting and general publishing questions. Shout out to Marie (for bringing the snacks) and Amanda (again) for being great company at many of the conferences.

Like most authors, we have some very understanding partners, Rach and Yani, who accept that we need to be glued to our computer screens for hours on end and are always there for emotional support.

Finally, all the fans who have read, enjoyed, and even loved our books; thank you for coming to meet us at the conventions, giving us feedback, and for supporting our journey!


Little is known about the mysterious Mick. He looks over our work and shares some of his extensive writing knowledge. It's pretty safe to say these books wouldn't be half as good without his guidance and advice.

Jason Giraldo

Jason has produces all of the cover art and many of the internal artworkds. His amazing skills have absolutely brought our ideas to life and are a huge asset to the story. 

Check out his socials here, or have a look at his portfolio here!

Zachary Johnson

Zach voiced and produced our audiobook for Ouroboros and did an absolutely fantastic job! Hopefully books 2 and 3 will follow in the near future.

Check out his website here.

Warrick Wong

The original concepts and designs were done by Warrick. You can still see some of his work features on our website. 

Check out his work here.