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When Diputs returns Serena's body to Enceladus, he is confronted by her family and taken hostage by outlaws. While trying to help Serena's family escape the oppressive clutches of a religious cult, discovering and embracing his true identity is the key to their survival. And while his crew work relentlessly to extract him from imminent danger, they too must reluctantly aid in his expedition in order to get back to Galaxy alive. 

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Author Notes

This book is very much a follow-on from book 2 (Anamnesis) where Diputs deals with Serena's family in the wake of their recent loss. His goal? To try and rescue them from a grim fate that is growing ever closer the longer they stay in their hidden underground bunker.

For the third time now, Lisa and Raynor are once again placed in a position where they are forced to put aside their differences and work together in order to survive. The Galaxy crew is unwillingly drawn into a struggle for leadership of a secretive religious sect after the sect kidnaps one of the own; during the rescue they discover the sect is building a fleet of Fighters that will unbalance the Nexus treaty.

Seeing a shadowy hand at work, the crew commit to investigating the true power behind the plot.

Some of the concept art by Jason Giraldo