Stories About The Future


When Martian authorities board the cargo ship Galaxy to stop the crew from conducting an illegal experiment, the unwanted attention threatens a critical trade deal with Outlaws. Under pressure from the Colonies to deliver an exigent package, they must find a way to make the trade and deliver the package, or bad things will happen.


Representatives from all four colonies gather for the Anamnesis shortly after a tribute is announced to lay the foundation for a new colony. Tempers boil over when it appears that one of the colonies might be behind an attack on the M1 Orbital Space Station, with an aim to create chaos and plunge the colonies into war.


When Diputs returns Serena's body to Enceladus, he is confronted by her family and taken hostage by outlaws. While trying to help Serena's family escape the oppressive clutches of a religious cult, discovering and embracing his true identity is the key to their survival. And while his crew work relentlessly to extract him from imminent danger, they too must reluctantly aid in his expedition in order to get back to Galaxy alive.